Jürgen Baumann
All that is digital melts into air
Jürgen Baumann has 3D-scanned a tympanum, that he created for this exhibition. His tympana are heat-produced deep-drawings in transparent plastic. Whereas the original positive, made of clay, plaster and wood, has been destroyed, the scan of the deep-drawing yet again claims a solidity within a virtual landscape. The 3D-relief is accompanied by a drawing that hints at a connection between the walkway within the game to get to the cave, and the ear.
Jürgen Baumann is an artist based in Winterthur, Switzerland. Baumann works mainly in the fields of sculpture and drawing. He has been exploring the motive of the threshold and the trickster as a means of transition between different realities and as a cornerstone for future utopias. Interlacing different cultural periods from the gothic to comic culture, his work refuses a clear point of view but intends to open up new perspectives.

He has shown his work in solo and group shows mainly in Switzerland and lived and worked in Rovaniemi, Finnish Lapland, and Cairo, Egypt.
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