Anna Rotaenko
In the process of elaboration of this project, our common space got new colors, textures, and joint virtual materiality, that is as a flat piece of a rolled dough transforms into a sweet hyper-realistic pie.

A crucially important aspect of my art practice is the freedom to appeal to those, who are excluded from the common cultural agenda, who are vulnerable and don't have a privilege of being visible − though my efforts lay totally in the field of aesthetics.

To underline the anti-utopia of the virtual not-land I suggested visualizing gaps in a solid landscape as well as glitch and cuts, which may contain in themselves all elements, expelled from the positive reality, for instance, questions about censorship and self-censorship, which every participant of the cultural production faces.

A hyperboloid in the center of which a user who jumped "in a hole" may find her/himself turns into the cage that is designed to imprison users of virtual, artificially constructed reality. An image of this mathematical figure is associated with a black hole, a space object. And this is especially relevant for post-Internet aesthetics At the same time in the famous fantastic novel "Hyperboloid of Engineer Garin" (1927) by Alexey Tolstoy, the hyperboloid is a gear, that "produces a heat ray of such great power that is able to destroy any barriers".

I put some phrases before several cuts: they comment on the process concisely like subtitles for a video game taken out of a context, but in some circumstances, they can be read consequently and altogether as a rhyme.
Anna Rotaenko is a Moscow-based artist. Born in 1990, Grozny, USSR. She works with electronic music, video, and digital imagery and large-scale installations as well.

In her practice, Anna, moving from private to common, often draws upon personal stories that reveal a shared vulnerability of individuals from oppressed communities, including artists. Anna's works explore the urban environment and its media, appropriating elements of pop culture and its toolkit, such as apps, videogames, songwriting etc. In a world where everyone is a user and technology is here to stay forever, Anna chooses the position of a digital artist. Blurring the lines between work, artistic production, and everyday life, she explores the possibilities of re-coding existing technological systems.

Rotaenko studied at the Rodchenko Art School (2016−2018) and Institute of Problems of Contemporary Art (2015−2016). She participated in group exhibitions and festivals including New Russias (Manchester, UK, 2020), the Wrong Biennale (2019, thewrong.org), Inrocks festival (Paris, 2018), XIII International Multimedia Festival ELECTROMECHANICA (St. Petersburg, 2018), VII Moscow International Biennale of Contemporary Art (Moscow, 2017), V Moscow International Biennale for Young Art "Deep Inside" (Moscow, 2016) and others. Solo exhibitions: "Ringtone" (Vadim Sidur Museum, MMOMA, Moscow, 2020), "Magic precautions" (Cité internationale des arts, Paris, 2019), "Underside" (MMOMA, Moscow, 2016), «Waiting room" (Triumph Gallery, Moscow, 2015). Awards and nominations: Nomination "New Generation" and French Institute Prize at the Innovation Award, 2019. Nomination "Best Media Object", Sergey Kuryokhin Contemporary Art Award − 2018, Laureate of the Dostoevsky List "The most relevant photographers of Russia and Ukraine", 2016.

Her works are in the collections of the Moscow Multimedia Art Museum (MAMM), Moscow Modern Art Museum (MMOMA), as well as in private collections in Russia, France, Japan, Germany, Ukraine, and the US.
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